Philipp Plein Yellow Swimwear for Men – CUPP11-L01


This yellow Philipp Plein swimwear for men is a must-have piece from the Spring/Summer collection. It features an elastic waistband and is made of 100% polyester fabric, making it comfortable and durable. Plus, you can wash it in cold water without worrying about damage to the logo or other details! So go ahead – hit the beach with confidence this summer in style!

Philipp Plein Swimwear benefits:

1. Durability: The 100% polyester material and 30° C washing instructions ensure that this Yellow Philipp Plein swimwear is highly durable and can withstand regular use.
2. Comfort: With an elastic waistband, the men’s swimsuit provides a comfortable fit for any body type while swimming or relaxing by the pool.
3. Visibility: The visible logo allows users to easily identify their swimwear among others, making it easy to find in crowded places such as public pools or beaches.

Philipp Plein Yellow Swimwear for Men – CUPP11-L01
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