Made in Italia Brown Pumps & Heels for Women – GLORIA


These Brown Made in Italia Pumps & Heels for Women will make you feel like you have stepped right out of a fashion magazine! The 100% MADE IN ITALY construction ensures that these shoes are made with the highest-quality materials. The suede finish and studs applied to the upper add a luxurious touch, while the elastic front band keeps your feet feeling comfortable all day. Plus, with an insole made from leather and a tunit sole for support, these stylish pumps come complete with a 10 cm heel that is perfect for making any outfit look more glamorous!

Made in Italia Pumps & Heels benefits:

1. Comfort: The insole is made of leather and the sole is made of tunit, both materials providing cushioning and support for a comfortable fit.

2. Durability: Constructed with synthetic suede and studs applied, these pumps & heels are built to last through multiple wears over time.

3. Quality Craftsmanship: Manufactured in Italy, the shoes feature superior craftsmanship that ensures top-notch quality construction for an elegant look with a 10 cm heel height to elevate your style effortlessly!

Made in Italia Brown Pumps & Heels for Women – GLORIA
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