Duca di Morrone Blue Moccasins for Men – DIEGO-CAM


These Blue Duca di Morrone Moccasins for Men are Made in Italy and perfect for the Spring/Summer season. They are a Loafer type shoe with a suede upper, leather insole, and leather lining. The sole is made of rubber and features laser openwork and tassels. They have a round toe and are sure to make any outfit look stylish!

Duca di Morrone Moccasins benefits:

1. They are made in Italy, which is known for high-quality, luxury products.
2. The collection they are from (spring/summer) indicates that they are appropriate for the current season and weather conditions.
3. The type of shoe it is (loafers) means that it will be comfortable and easy to wear, as well

Duca di Morrone Blue Moccasins for Men – DIEGO-CAM
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